A Soul Split in Two

Un'anima divisa in due (1993)

Drama, Romanze | Italien, Schweiz, Frankreich

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Bewertung: 7.1/10


Store security guard Pietro spends his days catching shoplifters, his weekends visiting his children who are in custody of his ex-wife, and his nights thinking about new ways to flirt with the store's makeup consultant. His malaise psychosomatically manifests itself in nosebleeds, outbursts of anger, visions, etc. One day, he sees a young Gypsy girl steal something from the store and lets it slide: he can't explain why, but she caught his eye. Pietro and Pabe – that's her name – warily start to hang out, knowing each other more and more, until something begins to blossom in them. Could their shared dream for a new, more compassionate life finally be at their fingertips?


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