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The main character is a young and very beautiful girl, Marijana. Now, Marijana is 25, and when she was 16 - her father's boss sexually used her. Marijana's father did not do anything against his boss, and because of that - Marijana's father become successful at job - because his boss helped him: father became famous as discreet gynaecologist for illegal abortions. Ten years after this situation - Marijana's family is very rich and popular in her town. But, Marijana did not forget how does it started. Because of that - now she is revenging to her father - in her own way by prostituting with father's colleagues and harming his reputation (her father cares so much about). At one moment - Marijana meet sculptor, Vanja (poor and talented artist from the suburbs - that will open before her the world of love and trust). But, the world of Vanja and world of prostituting revenge - can not live at same moment! What is going to be - is our story. This film with its characters and the plot tells about hard times in which everything can be sold, about the disturbed system of values which characterizes everyday life in the Balkans; at the same time it tells about love that proves to be the only way out from the Balkan mud and wretchedness.


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