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Benutzer-Bewertung: 7.8/10
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A group of students with varying family backgrounds begin to question their lives and the hypocritical values of their corrupt socialist society. Their decision to follow their own ideals brings them in disrepute with those closest to them. Their support of one another finally brings them to realise a friendship based on loyalty and belonging.


Početni udarac


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  • Illusion (1967)

    The story of an inter-generational conflict between two brothers of completely different political and secular views.
  • Round Trip (1978)

    The story of a group of people who came to France to the temporary work, their sufferings, persecutions, and a constant struggle for survival.
  • Kleiner Junge, großer Freund (2017)

    Architekt Richard fährt eilig durch Kapstadts Straßen, um zu einem Geschäftstermin zu kommen: Ein Einkaufszentrum, das er geplant hat, soll endlich in die...
  • Saviour Square (2006)

    Beata and Bartek are a young married couple with two children. As they keep waiting for the key to their own Warsaw apartment, they are living temporarily with...

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