Intent on murder, the vicious cut-throats of the pitiless bandit, Sam Clayton, ride into dusty Juno City, rob the bank, and kill the pacifistic man of religion, Father John, in front of the church. As the semi-inebriated sheriff decides not to take action, the priest's young protégé, Johnny, gambles with death to find the deceased's twin brother, Lewis, in Mexico, and talk him into settling the score. Can Diamante Lobo, the feared ex-bounty hunter, right a wrong, and in the process, rid the town of Clayton's jackals?


Der Colt Gottes


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  • Ride in The Whirlwind (1966)

    Wes, Vern and Otis are three cowhands on the way to a cattle drive. Coming upon what is to be an omen of their future... an outlaw hung by a group of...
  • Die letzte Kugel traf den Besten (1965)

    Wild Bill Hickok, Buffalo Bill and Calamity Jane team up to stop the gunrunners and help bring peace between the Sioux and the homesteaders.
  • Blei ist sein Lohn (1965)

    A reformed gunman returns to his earlier life seeking justice when the Castle brothers shoot his friends.
  • Der Stern des Gesetzes (1957)

    Der abgebrhte Ex-Sheriff Morg Hickman, der jetzt als Kopfgeldjger arbeitet, bringt die Leiche eines Gesetzlosen in ‎eine Westernstadt, um die Belohnung zu...

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