"Theater at Home" was a classic Yugoslavian TV sitcom that ran for five seasons from 1972 till 1984. It was a story about a working class family Petrovic. The patriarch Rodoljub Petrovic is a lawyer coming from a small village called Przogrnci. The wife Olga is an architect and they have a son called Borko, there is also their maid posing as their relative for tax reasons called Tina, but definitely the most memorable two characters are the-mother-in-law, old school lady called Snezana and her friend with huge imagination called Vasa S. Tajcic who is universally disliked by the rest of the family. The other characters involve: the landlord Ceda Mungos, his cheating wife Rajka, Rodoljub's co-worker Tasa and Rodoljub's mother from Przogrnci Vuka.

Es war auf den Kanälen:


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