Sicilian Lollo Mascalucia, a small pasta factory owner has been married to Rosalia for seven years, pretending to all his fellow villagers that he doesn't want a child.


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  • Willy Signori e vengo da lontano (1989)

    Willy gets involved in a car accident. The girlfriend of the man killed in the accident, who is waiting for a baby, blames Willy. So he decides to care for her...
  • Brain Drain (2013)

    A group of friends goes to Oxford to help one of them to find the girl he's in love with.
  • Toto and Peppino Divided in Berlin (1962)

    Antonio, seguendo le indicazioni della "Smorfia", dategli in sogno da una zia monaca "attraversa l'Alto Adige" e arriva a Berlino Ovest per incontrare il magliaro...
  • Skoro savršen doktor (2007)

    A doctor, in charge of a hospital emergency room, saves the life of a young drug addict.

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