An Italo-American mobster is sent back to Naples from the States. He moves to Italy with all his illegal proceeds, hidden in jam jars. When the jars get to the harbour of Naples, they fall into the wrong hands.


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    In this light, fluffy comedy, a low-level clerk cannot make ends meet because his brood is in no way economically cooperative: his daughter is a lawyer looking...
  • Kakav deda takav unuk (1983)

    Zika and Milan are fighting over who gets to spend more time with grandson Misha, who is five years old. Although Misha lives with his parents in Milan...
  • Forever Young (2016)

    Interconnected stories of a group of adults who have troubles accepting aging and persist in acting as young people.
  • Facciamo fiesta (1997)

    Sandro is a cameraman who works for private TV, Marco occasionally makes journalistic collaborations and accepts the proposal of a tourist agency to leave for...

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