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Mattia is a nice guy, famous writer, who is about to marry Rosalie. Mattia, the day before the wedding, goes to confession to the priest, and reveals that he is in love with another woman, younger, named Michela.


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Dienstag, 30. März 2021 11:24
Successful writer Mattia (Adriano Celentano) can hardly save himself from women; his pheromone vapours are obviously out of this world. Whether in the park, at the newspaper kiosk, in a taxi, in the disco or on the street, Mattia is the most sought-after man material. Mattia takes care of his cheeky neighbour Michela (Federica Moro), who then quickly plays his daughter and quickly puts off future woman from his sight. The constantly controlled womanizer does not want to admit that Mattia and... (mehr)
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