In a village of Italy a Baron is the mayor and he is opposed by a communist, Rossi. But as in Romeo and Juliet the daughter and the son of the two fiercely opposed men, love each other. Don Celestino is a priest and as such, he tries to set the things so the boy and the girl can marry.


Keine Bewertungen
  • Šta se zgodi kad se ljubav rodi (1984)

    Misha in the music school falls in love with a young Russian girl Natasha, which was then located in Belgrade. But their parents think that they are too young for...
  • Us Real Men, We Hard Men (1987)

    Mario, a tram-driver, and Silvio, a banker, make friends in the group of participants in a survival training course.
  • Rimini Rimini (1987)

    The film is divided into episodes set on the beaches of Rimini. Gildo (Paolo Villaggio) is a moralistic magistrate who shuts down red light districts but his...
  • Asso - ein himmlischer Spieler (1981)

    Asso ist ein erfolgreicher Zocker. Doch für die Tänzerin Silvia schwört er dem Kartenspielen ab. In der Hochzeitsnacht kann der notorische Spieler die Finger...

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