In a village of Italy a Baron is the mayor and he is opposed by a communist, Rossi. But as in Romeo and Juliet the daughter and the son of the two fiercely opposed men, love each other. Don Celestino is a priest and as such, he tries to set the things so the boy and the girl can marry.


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  • Don Franco and Don Ciccio in a Year of Protest (1970)

    Don Franco and Don Ciccio are the respective pastors of the two principal parishes of a village in Sicily. The two have different ideals about society, and so...
  • Prepotenti più di prima (1959)

    Gennarino Esposito and Marcella Pinelli return from their honeymoon, but the respective fathers, Don Mimì and Cesare, renew the contrasts that had placed them...
  • Jack und Jill (2011)

    Jack ist wunschlos glücklich: Der erfolgreiche Werbefachmann lebt mit seiner hübschen Frau und seinen beiden Kindern in Los Angeles. Doch der alljährliche Besuch...
  • Area Paradiso (2012)

    The film follows the fortunes of a small roadside restaurants called OvoOil, located on the Tuscan hills (Pisa-Livorno), between Cecina and Collesalvetti, and a...

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