A youth who has recently graduated can't find a job. One day he unintentionally snatches a bag from a girl and buys a motorbike with the "proceeds" of the theft. Then he begins to work as a mail express courier. At first the girl denounces him then falls in love with him.


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  • Bleib mir ja vom Leib (1975)

    A European arms dealer (Roger Moore) meets a liberated woman journalist (Susannah York), who is writing a story about the ridiculous things men do with the...
  • Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

    Als kontaktgestörter Außenseiter mit körperlichen Defiziten und Hang zur ausgelebten Marotte ist Napoleon Dynamite der allseits belächelte Einzelgänger in einer...
  • 7 Hours to Win Your Heart (2020)

    Valeria, a beautiful and determined woman disillusioned about love, is an implacable teacher of picking up for single men. One day she met Giulio, which is...
  • Nati stanchi (2002)

    Salvo and Valentino are two happy Sicilian friends, who do not want to work, because they know that if they find a permanent job, their girlfriends will ask them...

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