Christmas at Castle Hart

Christmas at Castle Hart (2021)

комедия, романтичен | Ирландия, Канада
Режисьори: Stefan Scaini

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Рейтинг: 6.2/10
Потребителска оценка: 6/10


Always having wanted to be event planners themselves, New York sisters Brooke and Margot Bennett hit a professional low when they are fired from their server jobs for high end event planner Paige Monaghan during a Christmas party. With nothing now to do for the Christmas season, they decide, with their life savings, to travel to Ireland to search out their unknown Irish roots, of which they were only recently made aware as their now deceased father, adopted, discovered scant information about his biological family before his passing. In Ireland, they meet Aiden Hart, who they eventually learn is the Earl of Glaslough, a title he somewhat reluctantly inherited not feeling he worthy unlike his deceased father, the former Earl. Aiden does his globetrotting work as an architect largely to escape everything associated with being an earl, while his sister, Siobhan Hart, manages the Hart estate centered on Castle Hart. After five years away, he has just unexpectedly returned to Ireland for the holidays. They since converted the castle into a hotel and hold guided tours to pay the bills, their financial situation which has not even allowed them to repair the chapel which was structurally damaged in a storm. Also to pay the bills, they have decided this year to host the more lucrative lavish Christmas gala at the castle on behalf of the Duchess of Abercorn instead of their usual Christmas event, the more community oriented twelfth i.e. last day of Christmas festivity for the town. With their event planner quitting at the last minute, they, on a "vacation lie" told by Margot, beg for the sisters to step in to organize the event to be held in ten days time on the presumption that they are not only high end New York event planners, but that Brooke is *the* Paige Monaghan. While uncomfortable with the lie, Brooke agrees on Margot's urging both to help the Harts out of a bind, and knowing that they indeed could plan an event of this magnitude. While Margot will largely handle the logistics at the castle, Brooke will handle the creative end with Siobhan assigning Aiden to be her liaison for whatever she may need. In spending time together, Brooke, as Paige, and Aiden start to fall for each other. The question then becomes if a relationship between them is even a possibility whenever the truth will come to light that she is not Paige, the lie which would be all the more problematic for Brooke, not only personally but professionally if she ever really does want to be an event planner, if Aiden finds out from someone other than her.


Christmas at Castle Hart


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