A Little Virtuous

La Petite Vertu (1968)

Režiser: Serge Korber

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Ocjena: 6.0/10


In Paris, the young photographer Ferdinand falls in love with Claire, a pickpocket. Shortly after, he is assaulted because he took pictures of the young woman with another man, Brady, his sponsor. The policeman Lorenzi is put on the case, but in love, Ferdinand does not want to denounce her. However, a stolen object that she offered him will allow his indictment: Claire will spend a year in prison. When she is released, Ferdinand marries her. Kerman, Ferdinand's new boss, employs Claire in his cabaret. She puts on a famous act during which she picks the pockets of the spectators, then gives the objects back at the end of the show. But Brady reappears, demanding 80% of the young woman's earnings, otherwise he will denounce Claire's bigamy, to whom he is still married! Ferdinand prepares to flee with his wife. When he finds her, he comes across the corpse of Brady, whom Claire has just killed.


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