Der Masuren-Krimi: Fangschuss

Der Masuren-Krimi (2021)

suç, dram, gizem | Almanya
Yönetmen: Anno Saul

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Değerlendirme: 5.8/10


BöLüM: 2 - Fangschuss


A recently eviscerated European bison is found in the forests of Masuria, apparently trapped by knowledgeable poachers. Forensic technician Dr. Viktoria Wex, who is actually on the way to the train station with the village policeman Leon Pawlak, makes another terrible discovery during the stopover at the place of discovery: the body of the shot ranger Glinski, which is located near the carcass. For Viktoria this is a crime scene that grabs her forensic ambition. What happened here about two hours ago? She decides: your return to Berlin can wait. Although the specialist from Germany lacks any police powers, Leon is just as uninterested in that as the instructions from Commissioner Kowalska to stay out of her work. Viktoria's special ability to draw conclusions from any kind of clues is particularly in demand in the case. Because the traces of blood on the ranger's clothes are a mystery. The statements of the wildlife park operator Tadeusz von Breska and his daughter Tereza, who takes care of the bison breeding, offer just as little evidence as the questioning of the victim's family. When Viktoria and Leon realize what income can be achieved with the meat of the animals, they are on the right track.


Der Masuren-Krimi


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