Der Masuren-Krimi: Fryderyks Erbe

Der Masuren-Krimi (2021)

suç, dram, gizem | Almanya
Yönetmen: Anno Saul

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Değerlendirme: 6.0/10


BöLüM: 1 - Fryderyks Erbe


Forensic technician Dr. Viktoria Wex travels from Berlin to Pasym, a sleepy little town in the middle of the Masurian Lake District. There she has to be prepared for a painful farewell: Her uncle Fryderyk, whom Victoria has adored as a surrogate father and mentor since childhood, has been missing for days. A farewell letter to Victoria suggests his suicide. When she finds someone unknown to her dead in the basement of Fryderyk's house, the family affair turns into a criminal case. What for the village doctor Dr. Baronowski looks like an accident, Viktoria appears suspicious. She realizes that the corpse of Antoni Trudzinski, an unscrupulous investor, was expertly manipulated in order to conceal the time and cause of death. As a German civil servant, Viktoria is neither responsible nor authorized to do so, but the village policeman Leon Pawlak naturally includes her in his investigations. Leon's ex-wife, the self-confident Commissioner Kowalska, is not very enthusiastic about the voluntary administrative assistance. The residents, who Victoria knows from her childhood, also dislike the homecoming woman's criminalistic perfectionism. They would like Trudzinski's death to be put on record as an accident - and life could go on. However, Viktoria wants to find out the truth - even if it becomes even more painful for herself.


Der Masuren-Krimi


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