Get ready for a fast-paced countdown of some of the world’s most amazing homemade science stunts and experiments - all found on the internet. Each episode takes the cleverest, funniest, most daring, outrageous or just downright bizarre clips - and uses a cast of the world’s best science experts to explain them for us. Upcoming episodes turn the spotlight on fearless and foolish internet legends, showcase some of the most inventive people on the web and, attempt to separate scientific fact from mere science fiction: can a saw made of paper cut wood?

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Discovery Science  Discovery Channel  

  • The Secrets of Your Food (2017)

    Michael Mosley and James Wong reveal the delicious physics, chemistry and biology hidden inside our food. They travel the world in a culinary adventure to search...
  • The Planets (2019)

    Welcome to the greatest story that's never been told. In a new, ground breaking series we'll be telling the story of the planets as never before.
  • Mundo ad Portas (2011)

    Why travelling makes us so happy? Is it because it makes us remember what we are capable of creating? In "Mundo Ad Portas" we closely follow the journey of a...
  • Dominic Vaughan İle Vahşi Şeyler (2012)

    Bu orijinal yolculuk belgeselinde dünyanın en tehlikeli, en görkemli ve vahşi canlılarını arayan aktör Dominic Monaghan'ı takip ediyoruz.

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