A love story about a young woman so focused on arranging the love lives of others that she can't see what's in front of her own eyes. Beautiful, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and some of the best blessings of existence, 21-year-old Emma Woodhouse has very little to worry about. So she indulges in her one great passion - playing matchmaker to her friends and family. It's a skill she has already put to good use - she is convinced she brought together her sister and her husband. And when her governess Miss Taylor marries the widower Mr Weston, Emma congratulates herself on another great success... Regardless of the fact that, as Mr Knightley, family friend and surrogate older brother to Emma, drily observes, in reality, she had nothing to do with these relationships. She simply watched the romance blossom. So when the young, pretty, naive and socially inferior Harriet arrives in Emma's social circle, the matchmaker is delighted that she can practise her skills again. She persuades Harriet to reject an advantageous marriage proposal to a local farmer in favour of dashing Mr Elton. But Emma is playing with fire. Knightley is furious with Emma for raising Harriet's hopes for a match she could not possibly achieve and Emma soon discovers that Mr Elton is far more socially ambitious and mercenary than she had ever realised. So begins a story which takes Emma on a journey, challenging her naivety, her social preconceptions and her relationship with Knightley. Fresh and funny, this perceptive adaptation, featuring a stellar cast, brings Jane Austen's comic masterpiece to life.

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