A series celebrating the extraordinary preservation of human heritage. Discover the world’s most beautiful sites in an exceptional series of short programs. Through the most spectacular aerial shots, the most recent archaeological discoveries, breathtaking fictional re-enactments and CGI, this series invites us along on a fabulous journey through the history of civilizations. We penetrate into the rich architecture of historical hotbeds of power and spirituality, in paying tribute to the genius of man, art and culture. From the legendary pre-colombian pyramids of Palenke to the splendor of the Egyptian pyramids, from the beauty of medieval Mount Saint Michel and its abbaye to the sanctuary of Olympia, this series will attest of the splendor of civilizations that have disappeared today. From Iberia to China, from Central and Eastern Europe to India, this series revisits the development and history of four significant cultural regions: Central & Eastern Europe, Asia, Iberia.

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