No nation is more famous for its roads than the USA. Endless highways wind through endless landscapes like vital arteries. Those in a hurry take the four-lane interstates. But what is there to discover when you take your time and travel the legendary old backroads? Academy Award ®nominated filmmaker Katja Esson ("Skydancer", "Ferry Tales") takes an affectionate and unconventional look at the backrooms of the American Dream - where it once thrived, where it is still preserved, and where it died a long time ago. Along the historical roads, in the real heartland of the nation, she searches for stories like a gold-digger searching for nuggets. By capturing the spirit of the old America she allows us to understand the modern USA: on the Mohawk Trail, the Oregon Trail, on America's' Loneliest Road' Highway 50, on the Blues Highway and the famous Route 66.

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