Le saltimbanque

Hokkabaz (2006)

comédie, drame | Turquie
beIN Movies Turk | demain | 11:12

Évaluation: 7.4/10


Iskender is a failure as a magician. He knows his tricks, but the audience doesn't catch on and when the 'sawing a woman in half' part of his show goes terribly wrong Iskenders employer, club owner Ayhan, is fed up with him too. Iskender and his assistant and friend 'Maradona' are devastated. Where will they get money now to finally get their eyes lasered and pay the rent? Iskender has a great idea; leave Istanbul and do a small tour in Anatolia. For that they need the caravan of his brother-in-law and that caravan is currently occupied by Iskenders father, the grumpy and seemingly senile Sait. There's no other choice than to bring him along. Luckily Sait is a good bargainer and he lands Iskender a job on a wedding in a village where they are stranded with car trouble. Reluctantly he agrees, but it isn't going as planned. How is he going to explain the actual disappearance of the bride Fatma in one of his tricks?


Le saltimbanqueLe saltimbanqueLe saltimbanqueLe saltimbanqueLe saltimbanqueLe saltimbanqueLe saltimbanqueLe saltimbanque


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