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Till recently an University professor, a bohemian writer, a member of Belgrade's intellectual circles and a passionate opponent of the Milosevic's regime, Teja is today a manager of a big publishing house. One day a strange visitor comes uninvited to his office, carrying a big suitcase. That man is Luka, a former agent of the Serbian Security Service, now a taxi driver. Suddenly a surprising confrontation of these two men begins, which is full of incredible twists. As we get to know Luka, we find that his mission for the last ten years was to daily shadow Teja, to write reports on his behavior and acts, to watch on him even in the most intimate moments of his life. Gradually the last ten years of their lives begin to appear, the lives of these two men with quite different destinies. We see before us the chronicle of an age from the most incredible situations, often touching, sometimes irresistibly funny, to the most tragic events and the darkest war stories in the history of one ...


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