Le jour des Apaches

Day of the Evil Gun (1968)

western | Etats-Unis, Mexique
Réalisateur: Jerry Thorpe

Évaluation: 6.4/10


Gunfighter Lorn Warfield returns home after an absence of three years. Lorn finds his ranch in ruin. His neighbor, Owen Forbes, informs Lorn that his ranch was raided by the Apaches who kidnapped his wife and two children. Lorn decides to find the Apache camp and recuperate his wife and daughters. His neighbor, Owen, also joins Lorn in his quest. The two men don't get along because Owen courted Lorn's wife in Lorn's absence. Angie consented to Owen's courtship only because she believed her husband Lorn to be dead. Despite the tension between Lorn and Owen the two men are determined to find Angie and her daughters. Things get really hard when Lorn and Owen run into Mexican bandits, army deserters and Apaches.


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