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Ambrogio and Peppino are celebrating Christmas together with their families. After discovering that both their sons are having a relationship with two girls meet on a dating app, they decided to get involved by helping them meet the girls.


Un Natale al SudUn Natale al SudUn Natale al SudUn Natale al Sud


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mardi 9 mars 2021 04:16
Peppino, a Milanese carabiniere, and Ambrogio, a Neapolitan florist, together with their beloved wives Bianca and Celeste, celebrate Christmas in the same tourist resort. It is during these holidays that the couples of parents discover that their respective children, Riccardo and Simone, are engaged to two peers: Giulia and Ludovica.

All very nice except that the four lovers have never met live! Determined to put an end to this practice of "virtual love", which they just can't understand,... (suite)
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