Ritam života

Ritam života (2007)

comédie, famille | Bosnie-Herzégovine
Réalisateur: Enver Puška

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Spectacle non disponible dans le pays
Évaluation: 7.2/10


In the forefront of the story we have Salih. After having been imprisoned in a concentration camp during the war, Salih has decided that from then on, he is not going to be hungry ever again and that all his life will be dedicated to pleasure and worship of the joy of living. A family man, every day more and more in love with his lovely wife Emma and more and more worried about his daughter Maja, Salih has a restaurant where he prepares his chef d'ouvre course: mixed meat for four. The love between Salih and Emma is ideal, perfect. They are in love with each other more and more every single day. Their concern and love for their daughter Maja, aged 27, is endless. Their care is even more intensified due to the fact that Maja, as every decent representative of the contemporary society, does not really enjoy Salih's mixed meat, eats little, cares about the amount of fat and sugar in blood and is always on some kind of a diet. Whereas Salih worries about Maja's eating, she has her mind ...


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