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Bill Gambini and Stanley Rothenstein are 2 friends from New York University that just received scholarships to UCLA. They decide to drive through the south. Once they arrive in Alabama, they stopped at a local convenience store to pick up a few snacks. But, no sooner that they left the store, they were arrested. They had thought that they were arrested for shoplifting, but they were arrested for murder and robbery. Plus, they are facing execution for this crime. Bill and Stan do not have enough money for a lawyer, good news, that Bill has a lawyer in his family, his cousin, Vincent Laguardia Gambini. Bad news, is that Vinny is an inexperienced lawyer who has not been in a trial. So, Vinny has to defend his clients and battle an uncompromising judge, some tough locals, and even his fiancée, Mona Lisa Vito who just does not know when to shut up, to prove his clients' innocence. But he will soon realize that he is going to need help.


Mon cousin VinnyMon cousin VinnyMon cousin Vinny


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