Serena Bruno is an architect who studied and got several masters in different countries of the world but she decides to go back to Italy so she can live and work there. She will soon find out that her native country is not as open minded and she will struggle to find a job that she truly loves and is passionate about. Along the way she will meet Francesco a gay man who will help and support her throughout her journey.


Do You See Me?Do You See Me?Do You See Me?Do You See Me?Do You See Me?Do You See Me?Do You See Me?Do You See Me?


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    The peaceful world of a monastery, in a small town Jasmine, is destroyed by the arrival of monument restorers, Natasha, along with her daughter Eugenia. The...
  • Tamara Drewe (2010)

    Dans les verts pâturages du Dorset, la belle Tamara sème le désir et récolte les tempêtes... Inspirée de la bande dessinée de Posy Simmonds, chroniqueuse acérée...

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