Le belve

Le belve (1971)

comédie | Italie
Réalisateur: Giovanni Grimaldi

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Spectacle non disponible dans le pays
Évaluation: 6.7/10


A film made for Italian television. A series of eight episodes put together in which Lando Buzzanca plays a variety of weird characters. Episode 1: Il Salvatore (The Saviour) A reporter tries to stop a man from killing himself, only to get the TV crew's attention. Episode 2: La Voce Del Sangue (The Blood Voice) An engineer tries to get his wife to act as a prostitute to satisfy His Excellency, only to find out his "daughter" has been sent in her place. Episode 3: Il Fachiro (The Fakir) A fakir is forced to accomplish excessively terrible deeds in order to satisfy the public, and he is then exploited by his own family. Episode 4: Una Bella Famiglia (A Nice Family) A father of two children lives in luxury, thanks to the illegal activities of his wife (IE: A prostitute). Episode 5: Il Caso Apposito (The Apposito Case) The head of a major corporation is accused of nepotism and is forced to corrupt the visiting inspectors, and the only surviving rival is forced to kill himself in order to ...


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