Chacun pour soi

Ognuno per sé (1968)

western | Italie, West Germany
Réalisateur: Giorgio Capitani

Note de l'utilisateur: 7.3/10
(199 votes)


In Nevada, prospector Sam Cooper and his partner strike gold. But Sam's greedy partner starts shooting at Sam who takes refuge inside the gold mine. His partner follows him inside the mine but is blown-up by a dynamite charge set-up by Sam on purpose. Now alone, Sam takes a load of dust gold and heads toward the nearest town. On the way, Sam meets a group of starving desperadoes who steal his horses and his food, ignoring the gold dust in the canvas sacks. Sam dumps the gold dust in the river and goes on foot, passing the Sierras, the desert and the abandoned Spanish Catholic Mission before arriving in town. Once in town, Sam sends a wire to his adoptive son, Manolo Sanchez, whom he trusts, to come meet him. Manolo arrives in town and meets with Sam who asks for Manolo's help in working his secret gold mine. Unfortunatelly, Manolo also runs into an old friend, a ruthless killer named Brent, who wants his share of the gold. Sam is angry but has no choice but to take both Manolo and Brent along. However, for protection, Sam asks an old army buddy of his, Mason, to join the group. Mason is sour at Sam for their desertion from the army and for Mason's subsequent capture and imprisonment in an army brig for 3 years. But the lust of gold is strong and Mason joins the group for half of the profits. The four men buy mining tools, supplies and food from a local store, raising the storekeeper's suspicions about a possible gold strike. In the morning they depart, heading for Sam Cooper's secret gold mine and straight into trouble.


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