East of France, December 1917. In a village situated close to the front but protected from it by a hillside, the body of Belle de Jour, a little girl, is found by the canal. Judge Mierck, assisted by an Colonel Matzev representing the Armed Forces, investigates the case in his own way. The fact that the young victim's corpse lies a few yards from the manor of Destinat, the withdrawn, haughty-looking district attorney, who has always despised and humiliated him, doesn't escape him. To make matters worse, a witness has seen the magistrate not only talking with Belle but patting her cheek as well minutes before the little girl was strangled. But vengeance is one thing and class privilege another...


Aucun avis
  • Hasanaginica (1967)

    Hassan-Aga's wife waits at home for the return of her husband, long since departed for the war; but she refuses to go to him when summoned, because of a warning...
  • A Diary of Insults (1994)

    Middle-aged couple try to preserve at least some of their dignified life in times of war, poverty and sanctions.
  • Destinée (2011)

    Trois femmes, trois époques, une destinée. En 1923, alors qu'elle fuit son pays, Violeta tombe amoureuse. En 1941, Inès vit dans le désert où elle attend Paco,...
  • Un tramway nommé désir (1951)

    Profondément bouleversée par la mort pourtant ancienne de son époux, Blanche DuBois part s'installer à La Nouvelle-Orléans chez sa soeur Stella. Celle-ci vit dans...

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