Bruno Fioretti, known as "Mandrake", is an inveterate gambler who never misses a day at the horse racing track in Rome. He is always at the track together with his friends Armando Pellicci, known as "Er Pomata" cause his use of hair gel, and Felice. They always bet on the wrong horses and they always end up being penniless.


Aucun avis
  • Sekula nevino optužen (1992)

  • Ibiza (2019)

    Philippe et Carole, divorcés, commencent leur histoire d'amour. Philippe présente sa nouvelle compagne et ses enfants à ses parents lors d'un week-end pluvieux et...
  • Bygones Be Bygones (2017)

    Zafer, a sailor living with his mother Döndü in a coastal village in Izmir, has just broke up with his girlfriend Mehtap whose father is also a sailor. While...
  • Doktor ludosti (2003)

    All kinds of patients roam through waiting room of a psychiatrist whose life motto is: everybody are crazy until is proved the other way.

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