La lycéenne séduit ses professeurs

La liceale seduce i professori (1979)

comédie | Italie
Réalisateur: Mariano Laurenti

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Spectacle non disponible dans le pays
Évaluation: 5.1/10
Note de l'utilisateur: 7/10


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samedi 18 septembre 2021 08:52
Pasquale La Ricchiuta (Lino Banfi) lodges in his house a distant relative who comes from Rome, the attractive Angela (Gloria Guida), who soon draws attention to her beauty among students and teachers of the Bari institute of which Pasquale is the director. The coldest in his presence is Professor Carlo Casalotti (Fabrizio Moroni), whom Angela tries to conquer by asking him for private lessons.

This is one of the many teen-focused and student-friendly comedies (with high school students... (suite)
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