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In the early 1920s, a new school year begins in a small Bosnian village beneath the mountain Grmec. For two young boys, Baja and Ike, it is the end of their childhood and times spent listening to their grandpa's stories about bandits. The first day of school begins well for the two boys, especially for Baja who meets a girl, Veja, a refugee from Lika. However, another boy from the school, Joja, spoils the day and Baja and Ike's relatives, the seven Raseta brothers, have to defend them. Moreover, all the villagers have problems with the gendarmerie, who take food and cattle from all those who cannot afford to pay the high taxes. A group of friendly bandits arrives to the village, returning the gendarmeries' loot to the people. When the bandits flee to the hills, the Raseta brothers disappear with them. The gendarmerie calls up reinforcement and organizes a posse to track down the bandits. The kids, Baja, Ike and Veja believe Joja's story that their relatives joined the bandits and ...


Daredevil's TimeDaredevil's TimeDaredevil's Time


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