La Légende de Parva

La légende de Parva (2003)

animation | France
Réalisateur: Jean Cubaud

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Spectacle non disponible dans le pays
Évaluation: 5.9/10


Parva was born the very moment a meteorite, a block of sapphire of exceptional purity, hit the earth. The meteorite bore into the heart of a volcano in the Himalayas. Touched by this cosmic blessing, the child already radiates magic at an early age. Her mother died when Parva was only 10 years old. Today, a fine arts student, she lives a quiet life in the company of her friend Lula. One evening, when she enters her house, she finds a small dog. she immediately falls in love with the murmur and embraces him. But she doesn't know it's no ordinary dog. In fact, he is so unusual that he drags her into a series of adventures that lead her to an island in the Gulf of Bengal. Fortunately, her mother's shadow is always watching over her. In the most difficult situations, she is there. Like a guardian angel, she encourages her and shows her the right way. The way to the heart, which will help Parva avoid the traps on the way to the subterranean maze where the prince is locked in a glass cage. Of course she will free the prince, her prince, victim of a battle between the gods, and she will marry him.


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