Foto moej devuški

Foto moej devuški (2008)

romantique | Russie
Réalisateur: Aleksei Kolmogorov

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Spectacle non disponible dans le pays
Évaluation: 5.2/10


Young photographer Ivan rents a room every summer to Masha, with whom he is in love. When he discovers his friend, fellow photographer, Aleksandr Ivanovich has a camera with magical powers which will make a girl fall in love with the owner of her photograph, he steals it and in a desperate attempt to obtain Masha's affection, takes her picture. However, the photograph mysteriously disappears and when Ivan locates it again, he is unaware that it has already been passed to other men by Aleksandr's 12-year old granddaughter who has a childhood crush on him. Will Ivan destroy the picture and risk losing Masha forever?


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