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1941, Serbia, Yugoslavia. A remote village in Serbia in 1941. Through the fate of rural residents and the destiny of a partisan detachment reflected the horror and absurdity of war in Serbia during World War II. On the one hand, ordinary people and partisans on the other side of the Germans and the Chetniks. In this hell and hopelessness are born various atrocities and betrayal. The epilogue to the epic film happens in the liberated city of Valjevo in 1944. Huge urge for revenge will lead to a brutal showdown between two men - two ideological opponents. And they were once friends, neighbors, godparents. The film takes place during the 'first offensive' 'in 1941 before the fall' 'Uzice republic' 'and ends with a large entry of partisans liberated in Valjevo in 1944. The spectacular finale of the film, will not leave anyone indifferent.




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