The Greatest Gift

Un dono semplice (2000)

drame | Italie
Réalisateur: Maurizio Zaccaro

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Spectacle non disponible dans le pays
Évaluation: 6.2/10


Successful businessman Thomas (about 55), who has chosen to live in Rome, has dedicated his whole life to his work. When his kind and understanding wife Elisa dies, however, his life takes a turn for the worse. His daughter Beatrice, who has broken off her studies and is now living in a mission in India, is more eager than ever to stay there now that her mother has died. Thomas, who always pictured a sensible life for his daughter, decides to go there himself and fetch her back. The chaotic conditions in India and the misery in the streets is all too much for him, however, as are the charitable nuns who receive him at the mission. When Beatrice realizes why he has come, father and daughter have a fierce argument. Sister Beth, who supports Beatrice's decision, is a thorn in Thomas's side. Defeated, he leaves the fray # only to find he's missed his flight home. He has to wait a few days more for the next one, and during this time he changes his plans. Dressed in Indian clothing, he returns to the mission and pretends he wants to find out about Beatrice's life and work. Beth sees through the ploy, but Beatrice is overjoyed. Although Thomas actually admires Beth for giving women new hope from an education, he makes it clear to her that her commitment will never put an end to the misery all around her. He offers to found a charitable foundation for Beatrice, which she can run from Rome. Beatrice now wants nothing more to do with her father. Shortly afterwards Thomas is involved in an accident. Even though he's only slightly injured, Beatrice decides to return to Rome with him out of sympathy. Beth takes them to the airport, where Thomas finally realizes that Beatrice must be left to go her own way in life # and he returns to Rome a changed man.


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