#Jestem M. Misfit

#Jestem M. Misfit (2019)

comédie | Pologne
Réalisateur: Marcin Ziębiński

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Spectacle non disponible dans le pays
Évaluation: 2.6/10


Julia's life is wonderful. He lives in the United States, goes to a great school, sings and runs a popular online channel. Just an "american dream". One day, when her parents decide to return to Poland, everything will change. Julia will have to find herself in a new school - Millennium High School, ruled by "teams": athletes, nerds, vloggers, musicians, fans of a beautiful look and VIP, led by the self-righteous Victoria. Together with Magenta, the school's outsider, and Kuba, the unfulfilled musician, they will create a group of the excluded. An annual music competition will be held at school soon, in which the winners will be a scholarship and a trip to the United States. Julia cannot miss this opportunity.


#Jestem M. Misfit


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