Alex is about to finally do his own thing in his adopted home of Hamburg and start an IT company. Now, of all times, the social welfare office is asking him to take care of his father Fred, who is in a wheelchair after an accident. If Alex really must pay, he lacks the start-up capital for his own business. To save his savings, Alex drives to his father, with whom he has not spoken for years. His plan to finance care by selling his parents' house is met with bitter resistance from his bad-tempered old man. The house's location is also a problem, as the lights are gradually going out in the remote fishing village of Stresund because of the shortage of women. They are taken, died--or moved away. Only Alex's childhood sweetheart Marie is still there and available. But she doesn't want to get involved with any of the gentlemen either. So Alex has to somehow bring women here to make Stresund attractive to new residents--and to be able to sell his parents' house. His idea of speed-dating actually attracts city dwellers willing to marry. But for something to come of this, Alex must first teach the lazy fishermen to flirt. His final farewell is also more difficult than expected: the more Alex sniffs the rough air of home, the more he feels in the right place.


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