The Shameless

La svergognata (1974)

Réalisateur: Giuliano Biagetti

Évaluation: 5.6/10


Fabio is a writer in full creative crisis, married to Silvia, a beautiful actress for whom, however, he is no longer able to get excited. He comes to stay at an island resort and he gets involved with Ornella, eighteen-year-old Lolita who is there with her rather malicious best friend Giusi and parents, Nino a manufacturer from Milan and his wife Clara who is a lover of Fabio's five years earlier. Ornella teases the older man mercilessly-going to a hotel and dancing with him naked and then suddenly getting dressed and running off to a party with a young American guy. But it's not so much because she is malicious, but because she is really an insecure virgin. Finally, he gives up on her after his beautiful wife Silvia shows up. But the younger woman becomes jealous and is not going to give up so easily.


The Shameless


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