Mano di velluto

Mano di velluto (1966)

comédie | Italie
Réalisateur: Ettore Fecchi

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Spectacle non disponible dans le pays


After some thefts carried out abroad, a refined thief called "Velvet Hand" goes to his sister's house to organize a gang to carry out a robbery. His sister advises him as accomplices two bungling delinquents. The first theft, planned to damage a rich lady fails, precisely because of the inadequacy of these two drifters. The gang then attempts a blow against a Scottish family: the lady is circumvented by the two criminals, while her husband suffers the advances of Velvet Hand's lover while he courts his daughter. Things go wrong as Velvet Hand is being haunted by a local young woman who is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Eventually the gang discovers the hiding place of the jewels they want to steal but the jewels are not there and the criminals are all arrested.


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