La guarida del gusano blanco

The Lair of the White Worm (1988)

Comedia, Horror | Reino Unido
Guionista: Ken Russell

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Scottish archaelogist Angus Flint discovers an odd skull amid the ruins of a convent which he is excavating. Shortly thereafter, Lady Sylvia Marsh returns to Temple House, a nearby mansion, far earlier than expected. At a party in the village, Angus meets Lord James D'Ampton, who has just inherited his family's lands, right next to Temple House. Angus learns of the D'Ampton Worm, a huge dragon/snake which an earlier D'Ampton killed by cutting it in half. (There's a pretty catchy rock-folk song that tells the D'Ampton Worm legend.) As people begin disappearing and acting strangely over the next day or two, the skull is stolen from Angus' room, and the watch of a missing person is found in a cavern which was the legendary home of the D'Ampton worm. Angus and James discover that there was an ancient cult which worshiped the worm as a god, and theorize that the creature somehow survived its "destruction"...


La guarida del gusano blancoLa guarida del gusano blancoLa guarida del gusano blanco


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