La vida secreta de Zoey

The Secret Life of Zoey (2002)

Drama | Estados Unidos
Guionista: Robert Mandel

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Clasificación: 5.5/10
Opiniones de los usuarios: 5.5/10
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Marcia Carter thought her daughter was perfect mainly because she brought home good grades, and occasionally does volunteer work. What Marcia doesn't know, is that Zoey has been taking large amounts of her mothers medicine. Her mother then gets suspicious after Zoey passes out in the car, and after she fails a simple test. Marcia searches Zoey's backpack, and finds massive amounts of pills. She consults the local pharmacy about the pills, and the pharmacy indicates that the pills can be very lethal if mixed together. Marcia is then devastated, so she send Zoey to a rehab center. Zoey tells her parents that she is okay, but she really isn't. Zoey begins to take the drugs again, and as the story progresses, Zoey gets sicker, and sicker each day until she collapses right in front of her mother. Zoey is rushed to the hospital, and then thrown into another rehab center, this time...


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