Se sei così ti dico sì

Se sei così ti dico sì (2011)

Comedia | Italia
Guionista: Eugenio Cappuccio

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Clasificación: 5.4/10
Opiniones de los usuarios: 4/10


Piero Cicala is a former singer, a one hit wonder from the Italian summer of 1981. 30 years later he gets a call to participate in a tv show that explores the history of pop culture in recent decades, one episode per year. Piero is now working in a restaurant in a small town on the Italian south-eastern coast. After some reluctance Piero accepts. He appears on tv with mixed success: his new song falls flat but the old hit still works. That night he begins a fling with a young beautiful starlet from Argentina who takes him to America. At an Italian American gathering he finally gets a chance to sing his new intense and dramatic song in its entirety and it is a success. This gives Piero the courage to start a singing career again. It is the story of a man who looks into himself and after a long period of doubt finds his own true value again.


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