Racheengel - Ein eiskalter Plan

Racheengel - Ein eiskalter Plan (2010)

Crimen, Thriller, Misterio | Alemania
Guionista: Tim Trageser

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Clasificación: 5.6/10


At the beginning of the weekend, the detective commissioner Tina Campenhausen wanted to spend with her family, she is called to a hotel in Travemünde. Guest Brederstein lies dead in the tub. Everything points to suicide. Tina Campenhausen knows the dead that she keeps secret from her colleague. Tina is caught up in her past when her sister, Jenny Hansen, whom she has not had any contact with for years, is at her door. Does Jenny have something to do with the death of the hotel guest? Tina gets into the biggest conflict of conscience of her life.


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