Sechzehneichen (2012)

Drama, Thriller | Alemania
Guionista: Henk Handloegten

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Clasificación: 5.6/10


Laura, her husband Nils and their daughter Fanny live happily in Frankfurt. If it weren't for Laura's awful coughing fits. The air pollution in the big city aggravates her allergies to the point that the family decides to move to the countryside. They soon find a splendid new home in a gated community. It has everything: a beautiful house, a secure environment and, above all, charming neighbors who welcome them with open arms. The family seems to have landed in paradise. Nils soon makes new friends at Sixteen Oaks and loves the lifestyle there. Laura, however, finds it all just a little too good to be true. Is she being overly sensitive or is her woman's intuition trying to tell her something?




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