Love Suddenly

Auf einmal war es Liebe (2019)

Comedia, Drama, Romance | Alemania
Guionista: André Erkau

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Clasificación: 5.3/10


Jakob is hopelessly after his childhood sweetheart Marie, who left him seven years ago. When she unexpectedly stands at his door, everything is exactly the same with him as it was before. Marie is also tingling again, because she now sees her "ex" with new eyes. However, this is not due to Jakob, who still has his old job as a toy seller and lives in his little room, but rather to a misunderstanding. Marie thinks he's a successful photographer who lives in a stylishly furnished loft. In the rush of happiness, Jakob keeps to himself that the dream apartment and photos belong to his traveller's neighbor, for whom Jakob only waters the flowers. He doesn't want to jeopardize the long-awaited chance - against the advice of his best friend - to regain Marie. Jacob soon became overwhelmed by the consequences of his white lies and half-truths. So he has to pass his single work colleague Lotte, whom he takes in with her eleven-year-old son Ben for a few days in the luxury apartment, as his ex-wife. In order to return the favor to Jakob, the self-confident Lotte helps him with her female expertise. Although he stays on the road to success with Marie, he is increasingly distancing himself from the lovable dreamer that he actually is. Above all, Jakob does not see who is really good for him.


Love SuddenlyLove SuddenlyLove SuddenlyLove SuddenlyLove SuddenlyLove SuddenlyLove Suddenly


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