Andi's life is a constant battle for his home, his three children and the woman he still loves. He only has two weeks to pay her back the borrowed 5,000 EUR. When he loses his job, an amateur boxing tournament looks like the only solution.
Kids Run tells the story of a former boxer Andi Jovanovic – a formidably strong character being tested to the core as he attempts to keep custody of his three children and provide for them while struggling as a day labourer. Threatened with eviction, Andi turns to his ex-girlfriend Sonja – the mother of his youngest child Fiou and the true love of his life. But after Andi loses his job, Sonja insists he must return the money, or she will stop him seeing Fiou. Andi hopes his problems will be solved if he can win an amateur boxing competition with a monetary prize to pay off the debt and prove himself worthy of reconciliation with Sonja and Fiou.


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