Secuestro en el hospital

Deliver Them from Evil: The Taking of Alta View (1992)

Thriller, Misterio | Estados Unidos
Guionista: Peter Levin

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Clasificación: 5.5/10


A drama based on incident at Utah's Alta View Hospital where gunman Richard Worthington took over a maternity ward for 18 hours. He wants to kill Dr. Garrick, who, according to Worthington, ruined his life sterilizing his wife.
Harry Hamlin, Teri Garr and Terry O'Quinn star in DELIVER THEM FROM EVIL: THE TAKING OF ALTA VIEW, a drama based on the true story of the ordeal at Utah’s Alta View Hospital when gunman Richard Worthington held an entire maternity ward hostage for 18 hours. In this riveting movie, Hamlin plays Worthington, who intends to kill the doctor who performed a tubal ligation on his wife, thus robbing him of the chance to "meet" his ninth child who he believed was waiting for him in heaven. Garr portrays head nurse Susan Woolley, one of Worthington's hostages who witnesses the shooting of her co-worker and then becomes the liaison between the deranged gunman and the police. O’Quinn plays the gritty Sgt. Don Bell, who is called in to help negotiate with Worthington.


Secuestro en el hospital


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