Bashful (1917)

Comedia, Corto | Estados Unidos
Guionista: Alfred J. Goulding

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Clasificación: 6.5/10


With the help of his butler Snub, Harold is getting all dressed up for a girl's fancy birthday party. Once at the party, Harold is too bashful to accept a kiss from the girl. Although he wants to have a good time at the party, he is also too shy to get or do what he really wants. Things have the potential to change when he receives word from his Uncle Bill of his imminent visit, and the fact that Harold's aunt just died leaving him an inheritance of $2 million, only if he's married and has a baby. The girl is willing to be his wife - which may result in the kiss she wants from him - but finding a suitable baby may be more difficult. But once Snub gets the hang of finding babies, the problems may be which babies constitute Harold's family, and having to deal with a mob of worried mothers in the process.




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