Battle Flame

Battle Flame (1959)

Guerra, Drama | Estados Unidos
Guionista: R.G. Springsteen

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Clasificación: 5.4/10


In 1950, at the onset of the Korean War, the U.S. Marines, supported by tanks, air cover and naval guns land on an enemy-controlled beach. Among the numerous American units is a platoon commanded by 1st Lt. Frank Davis. After the beach is secured, Davis' outfit is ordered to capture an enemy village. After the taking of the village, while the Marines are resting in an abandoned building, Frank Davis reminisces about his recent past and the circumstances of his first meeting with American nurse Mary Ferguson. Told in flashback, the story shows how the two met in a military hospital in Japan where Davis was convalescing. However, this reverie is suddenly interrupted by an enemy attack. In the aftermath, the wounded men are cared for by a group of army nurses and Davis is pleasantly surprised to see Mary among them. Mary has been transferred from Japan to Korea but unfortunately for Davis she also has gotten engaged to U.S. Navy Commander Bill Stoddard.


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