The Homicide Squad

La omicidi (2004)

Kriminalität | Italien

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Bewertung: 5.8/10

A demented serial killer twists Dante's poetry into pure evil in this blockbuster Italian crime drama from the writer of the seminal Mafia series The Octopus (La Piovra). Chief Inspector Antonio Lazzaro returns from fighting the drug cartels of Latin America to take charge of the homicide squad. Complicating matters is a romantic relationship that's not quite over between him and fellow inspector Simona Colli. While keeping their relationship professional the couple, along with their crack investigative team, solve a series of murders that seem unrelated - until a pattern emerges. The murderer leaves cryptic clues from Dante's Divine Comedy at each crime scene. Veiled language from the medieval classic points to the next victim or the next crime location, luring the investigators ever deeper into a mystery, a trap and the mind of a killer. Lazzaro is soon racing against time to catch the maniacal killer whose ultimate target is Lazzaro himself. The ancient meets the modern as the homicide squad scrambles to use the latest forensic technology as well as their own instincts to find the Dante Killer before he closes in on them all. Yet all their training and methodology are of no use to them when it comes to unlocking the inner workings of the mind of an obsessed lunatic. Starring Massimo Ghini, Luisa Ranieri (Letters to Juliet) and Omero Antonutti (The Night of The Shooting Stars), this thrilling six-part series on three DVDs from acclaimed screenwriter Sandro Petraglia explores some of life's biggest issues: the nature of good and evil, love, obsession and the criminal mind.


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